Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, the burden often lands upon a family member to settle the estate.  We understand that, in these difficult times, the guidance of a professional can be of invaluable assistance.  There are property, financial and tax matters to attend to, and it can be overwhelming for the lay executor.

Spiegelman & Company has experience navigating the BC probate procedure under the new Wills and Estate Administration Act, and can efficiently guide you through the process.  There are also tax issues and opportunities to consider, which we specialize in identifying and taking advantage of.

While we strive to settle estates to everyone’s satisfaction, BC law provides an opportunity for disgruntled beneficiaries to apply to court to vary the terms of a will.  Such challenges may result in litigation, but we aim to achieve settlements wherever possible to save time, expense and hardship for families.

How Can We Help !
Jonah Spiegelman is a cross border tax and estate planning attorney.