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Spiegelman & Company is a boutique law firm offering legal services in the areas of tax and estate planning, estate administration, and general business law.

Spiegelman & Company is an independent law firm providing sophisticated legal advice on a range of issues relating to tax, estates and business.  With expertise and licensing in both Canada and the United States, we are your advisor and advocate when you need it, at a price you can afford.

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Spiegelman & Company is a new firm located in Gibsons, BC, just within reach of Metro Vancouver.  A former partner in a national boutique cross border firm, Jonah Spiegelman formed the firm to pursue a dream of maintaining a niche cross border tax practice while serving the more general legal needs of his adopted community.

Spiegelman & Co. understands that each client has a unique set of facts that direct every legal issue.  Without first understanding the client circumstances, it is not possible to truly solve the problems that may arise.  Our client-centered approach ensures that you will feel comfortable getting at the root of the issue in order to arrive at the best outcome possible.

We strive to provide the information you need to make the best decision for your situation, and then implement the solution to achieve your goals. To make this possible, we take the time to explain the law in simple terms and help you arrive at your chosen course of action.

Jonah Spiegelman co-authored with David Altro the book titled Americans Living in in Canada – Smile, The IRS is Watching you, and has been interviewed by media outlets to provide expert advice on planning for cross border issues. Jonah has also published several articles on the topic of cross border taxation.

With licencing in British Columbia, Alberta and California, we offer cross border legal advice and planning for families and businesses, from consultation to implementation.

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At Spiegelman & Company, we offer a wide range of legal services; with legal practice qualifications in both Canada and the US, we can implement the planning strategies in house, saving time and money for our clients.

Canadian Snowbirds

Whether you are a snowbird or a Canadian who owns US real estate, you need specialized advice on the tax and estate consequences of your investments.

US Citizens in Canada

US citizens who live in Canada are subject to taxation on worldwide income in both Canada and the US. This means annual reporting to both countries.

Estate Planning

While death and taxes cannot be avoided entirely, knowing you have a good plan goes some way to easing your mind about the inevitable.

Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, the burden often lands upon a family member to settle the estate. We fully understand that and we can help you.

Business Law

Whether you are just starting up or already have an established business, it is critical to seek legal counsel and corporate law advice from time to time.

Environmental Law

Environmental issues impact many facets of modern day business and life in general. The good faith efforts of government to address these issues are very complex.
Our History


Spiegelman & Company is a boutique law firm offering legal services in the areas of tax and estate planning, estate administration, and general business law.

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At Spiegelman & Co, our work begins with a simple connection. We welcome all enquiries and strive to resolve your legal issues efficiently no matter how big or small.

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The best marketer is a happy client. We aim to have every client enthusiastically recommending Spiegelman & Company to their friends and networks in order to build the practice.

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