US Citizens in Canada

US citizens who live in Canada are subject to taxation on worldwide income in both Canada and the US.  This means annual income tax reporting to both countries, and the potential for penalties for noncompliance.   We understand the complex and highly technical rules facing US citizens in Canada and can help avoid many of the tax traps that remain.

Many Americans in Canada have not fulfilled their filing obligations in the US.  However, the US government has taken a very aggressive approach to noncompliance in recent times, making voluntary compliance filings that much more important.   We can explain the compliance pathways available to delinquent US taxpayers, and help determine the lowest impact method of re-entering the US tax system.

US citizens in Canada also have unique estate planning needs.  Planning documents must contemplate the taxation imposed under both the Income Tax Act and Internal Revenue Code.   Custom cross border provisions should be considered in wills and trusts to ensure that the applicable rules in Canada and the US act in harmony to prevent double taxation.

How Can We Help !
Jonah Spiegelman is a cross border tax and estate planning attorney.